Our Services


Virtual assistance service has become a common practice for almost all companies. It has been possible due to its cost-efficient and quality service. The facility from virtual assistance companies has brought an evolution in the way it works. Moreover, this has ultimately lead to increase in productivity. The high-quality service and skilled labour offered here makes your business more comprehensive. Our professionals from Smart Virtual Service offers you a wholesome experience of hiring assistance service even when remotely destined. We provide a 24X7 assistance so that you get an edge to focus on other significant priorities. As a part of our general service, we offer

  • Diary Management
  • Inbox Management
  • Travel Booking
  • Research & Report
  • Financial & General Admin
  • Event Organization


Bookkeeping is an important service as it requires to handle various recordings with might even be the core financial transactions of a company. Therefore, even a small error may cause a transaction slip. So, going for a professional bookkeeping service is the best option. At Smart Virtual Service, we guarantee you with error-free and consummate transcription facility. Our expertise includes the ability to convert handwritten or audio records into electronic texts. As a significant role of our facility, we offer

  • Managing payments and invoicing
  • Processing orders and refunds
  • Making collection calls
  • Billing and invoices


Marketing is an important part when you plan to enhance your business outreach. Moreover, with the virtual assistance service, you can experience a plethora of opportunities. Almost all the VA are well aware of marketing techniques. Therefore, we can help your business enhance your reach through our services. You should also know that all our professionals are trained with web related works. This keeps our members apart from other companies. Meanwhile, here are our areas of excellence.

Email Marketing

Under email marketing, we offer tailor-made emails and newsletter to keep your client's updates about your services. We are very much experienced in engaging your clients to help you grow.

Market Research

The market keeps on changing, therefore, you need to always be ahead when it comes to your business aspiration. Setting up a trend is a new feature that almost all companies have equally emphasized. Smart Virtual Service helps you keep tabs on the competition and industry trends.

Social Media Management

Social media is a significant area of influence to bring customer engagement. As a part of the service, we also offer facilities including

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing


Search engines prefer updated information and if you run a business website, it is best to get a periodic update. In fact, our VA team will save your cost by offering simple tweaks to your website. You should also know that drag and drop editor pays fantastic dividends in the long run. Our service allows your customer engagement with newer interests.

Ads management-Real estate agents

Project Management


Recruitments are an essential part of business, in fact, you must know that the more there is recruitment, the greater is your business growth. Likewise, data play a key role in business development. On the other side, recruiters need professional knowledge to grab the talents of an individual. Virtual assistance service optimizes techniques to coordinate training for you or new team members. Smart Virtual Service ensures top-class database management as well as excellent recruitment software.


Virtual assistants are professionals who can help you with all the administrative skills. To be more precise, your VA will help you manage the company portfolios. This includes coordinate training for new manage absence and leave data base updating employee data. Meanwhile, our service offers speedy checks so that talents can be utilized in the shortest possible time. It also includes certain formalities such as pre-employment checks and others.


Professionals from Smart Virtual Service are experts when it comes to handling business perplexities. Our years of experience as a VA company has taught us to handle scores of challenges and further ingrain them as an opportunity. We can help you handle pressure and manage tasks appropriately depending upon its essence.


The business has to face many challenges in order to excel. Therefore, a well experienced virtual assistance company can face the complexities in every situation. As an important part of our service, we help you analyze SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). This is one of the reasons why we are known as an exceptional company offering virtual assistant facility.


When running a business, you should have visionary planning to enhance your business growth. Meanwhile, with the rise of technology, managing your service can be easy but lack of comprehensive business ideas will end up your business within four walls.


Hiring a virtual assistant service will give you an edge over other competitors. Virtual Assistant covers almost all the services that a business requires. The sole aim of the company is to enhance your growth using the smartest techniques. Moreover, Smart Virtual Service is one of the very few VA facility providers that includes talented individuals from all the sectors. Some of the other areas of approach include

  • Video Animation
  • Logo Design
  • Flyers and Brochure Design